Superbooth 23

Superbooth 2023 is coming up and I am finally going there again. The last time I was there must have been in 2019 and I really missed it.

I won’t have a booth there but I will be around on Friday the 12th of June if you want to meet up and have a chat. I think the easiest is to send me a message via instagram if you want to get in touch.

I will also hand out free blind panels If they arrive before friday (please wish me some luck!)

If our paths do not cross I wish you a lot of fun and a terrific fair!

One side of the Panel has the SOLI.SYNTH logo with an extended waveform pattern on it and the other side can be used as a HP-Meter. I thought this could be especially handy on the fair to check if all the newly announced Modules you urgently want to buy actually still fit into your system at home 🙂

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