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VCO is a basic analog sawtooth core voltage controlled oscillator based on the electronotes circuit ENS-76 option 1. It’s frequency range is 32Hz to 6.5kHz and additionally to it’s sawtooth output it provides triangle and square out. Beseides a Caorse and a fine tuen knob there is also a linear FM input with attenuation. Width: 6 HPPower Consumption: 19mA @ +12V |…

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Tetra VCA Solisynth

TetraVCA is a Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier with an adjustable response curve from linear to exponential. The Control Voltage inputs all have an indvidual level control, a LED indicator and you can choose between attenuation or attenuvertion of the CV signal by flipping a switch. This allows you to amplitude modulate your signal in a more flexible way! Each channels…

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The ‘Stereo Mixer’ is a 3 Channel Stereo Mixer with additional mono sum output and clipping indication LEDs.The left signal is forwarded to the right channel If nothing is plugged in the right channels input. This enables easy mixing of stereo and mono input signals.Both inputs are DC coupled, therefore the module can be used for mixing control voltages as…

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